Zabeel Theatre
Zabeel Saray, The Palm Jumeirah
December 23, 2023

🎤 Celebrate the legendary Adriano Celentano with the electrifying Celentano Tribute Concert! 🎶

For over 50 years, Adriano Celentano has captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on Italian show business. Now, experience the magic of his iconic hits spanning three generations in one unforgettable show.

Maurizio Schweitzer, with his uncanny resemblance and incredible vocal talent, brings Adriano Celentano's music to life like never before. Backed by an incredible 11-piece band with original arrangements, Maurizio's performance as the Molleggiato will leave you breathless.

But this isn't just a clone show. It's a full-blown entertainment extravaganza that aims to challenge and excite the audience. From meticulous attention to the musical and vocal repertoire to authentic stage costumes and vintage accessories, every detail has been carefully crafted to recreate the magic of Adriano Celentano's performances.

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Adriano Celentano once again. Get your tickets now for the Celentano Tribute Show and be part of a musical journey that transcends time and borders. 🌟

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